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Management is a very important part of protecting your home’s landscape investment, and we take great pride in delivering a service that you can trust.

Proper landscape management sustains the quality and health of the plant material and, most importantly, preserves the intended design concepts.

Main Goal

High Desert Designs’ main goal for managing a landscape is to provide an overall aesthetically pleasing appearance for the community and homeowner.


Oftentimes, plants are originally chosen for a particular space and should be allowed to grow into their natural form and size unless specifically noted. Pruning should be intentional and specifically done to promote structural strength and accentuate their natural form and features. Furthermore, plant material should only be pruned once a year for rejuvenation and only at specific times, depending on individual plant specimens and positioning.

Full Service

High Desert Designs is a full-service landscape company that can manage all aspects of your home’s landscape needs, including Design, Installation, Seasonal Planting, Irrigation and Lighting Installation and Repairs, Tree Trimming, Gravel Refresh, Hardscape installation and much more.

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Hire a Pro

High Desert Designs is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured landscape company with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Our Arizona Registration of Contractors Number (ROC) is 328298.